How to use your Seniors Card

The Seniors Card is for personal use. You can’t transfer it to other people, including family members, friends or colleagues. You can use your Seniors Card at any Territory business participating in the Seniors Card scheme or advertising seniors’ discounts and rates. Most business partners display a Seniors Card logo.

There is no obligation on businesses to give you a discount after the transaction has occurred.

Shopping for goods and services

  1. Ask the salesperson if they provide discounts to seniors.
  2. Make the salesperson aware you are a card holder before:
    • negotiating the price
    • requesting a quote
    • ordering goods and/or services
    • paying for goods and/or services.

If you have difficulty obtaining a discount from a participating business, call the NT Seniors Card office on freecall, 1800 441 489

Using your Seniors Card interstate or overseas


You can use your NT Seniors Card for discounted fares on most interstate public transport. It is best to check this before you travel. Many interstate Seniors Card businesses also extend their offer to visitors. However, it is at their discretion and you should always check first.


It is worth taking your Seniors Card with you when travelling overseas. It is often accepted by businesses internationally as a matter of goodwill. There is evidence of the card being accepted in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Canada and UK.