Seniors Card survey produced winning ideas!

5 Apr 2023

Members survey winner of $100, Anne Spry

Thanks to all those Seniors Card card holders who took time out to fill in our survey about what they think of the program. Your feedback is invaluable.

Quick stats

  • 68.6% of respondees like to know which business are part of the Seniors Card program by seeing the seniors card logo displayed at the business
  • over 45% felt seniors card membership reduced the cost of living somewhat
  • 38% of respondees had a printed directory
  • 20% of those who did have a directory used it on monthly basis.

Your ideas on improvements

We had over 480 responses which included ideas on how you’d like to see the program improve. Many of these suggestions were on the same theme as those ideas quoted below. Our response to each is given in italics.

  • Get retailers to display that they give seniors discount at store entrances. Maybe supply new stickers which are more prominent.
    • We supply all our business partners with stickers to display on their doors and at their counters. Please help us encourage them to put them up by mentioning how helpful you find them (if their stickers are lost or torn, they just have to contact us to get replacements).
  • Just expand the discount providers as best you can.
    • We are constantly working on it! Again, if our card holders can let us know who they want in the program, we can specifically target them.
  • Highlight which companies will offer discounts in a more succinct and handy piece of information like a card or pamphlet one can keep in one’s bag. An email just gets lost in the mass of emails over time.
    • We print an annual A5/handbag sized directory every year available from outlets across the Territory (see which ones here). A new directory is due out in July 2023.
  • Get reciprocal arrangements with all the states
  • Develop an app that provides a list of participating businesses.
    • The most up to date list of participating businesses is the online Discount Directory. Remember you can see this on your phone and search by region or business type.