Misleading Seniors Card website for South Australians

1 Sep 2023

South Australian seniors are being urged to be aware of a scam website which attempts to charge applicants a fee in exchange for a Seniors Card.

The misleading website,, claims to be ‘officially approved’ and charges applicants a fee of $29 to coordinate the application process.

Seniors should be aware that the legitimate SA Seniors Card is always free of charge and applicants are never requested to pay a fee or disclose their bank, credit card or PayPal details in exchange for membership.

This is also true of the NT Seniors Card program.

The official SA Seniors Card website is Applicants should look for the official Government of South Australia symbol and official Seniors Card logo to ensure they are accessing the correct website before proceeding with an application for membership.

If you have provided payment to an unofficial website, please contact your bank immediately and make a report to Scamwatch, the Australian Government’s National Anti-Scam Centre at