Forty Winks has a great offer for bed buyers!

6 Nov 2023

Are you living with acid reflux, sleep apnoea, sore body parts, limited mobility or feeling constantly tired from poor quality sleep? Getting the right bed – optimised just for you – is part of a better quality sleep solution. 

Darwin Forty Winks uses a bedmatch machine, a state-of-the-art technology, to help identify the perfect mattress and adjustable base combination for you based for your unique body type and sleeping preferences. This means optimal comfort and support sleeping surface for your body.

The perfect mattress and base combo can help reduce symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn, improve breathing for individuals with sleep apnoea, memory foam will help relieve pressure on sore or arthritic body parts; and for those with limited mobility, a motorised bed base (with remote control) means the the bed’s position can be adjusted to find a perfect sleeping position and you will be able to get out of bed more easily.
Darwin Forty Winks invites you for a cuppa with its experienced team, who will help you find your perfect match.

When purchasing selected mattresses, you will receive a FREE adjustable base. This incredible offer is only available for NT Seniors for a limited time.

So hurry to your perfect sleep soon.
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