Money saving tips for Christmas (and beyond)

16 Nov 2022

Want an amazing Christmas? A ball instead of huge bill?

Here’s 8 (relatively) ways to scale back on Christmas spending.

1. Set a Christmas budget

If you want to curb your Christmas spending, make a budget and stick to it.

2. Buy for fewer people

Instead of buying gifts for every member of your extended family, opt for Secret Santa and set a limit to how much you are going to spend.

3. Limit gifts for grandkids

It’s easy to go overboard with gifts for your grandkids. Try following the four gifts’ rule. Give your grandkids something they need, want, will wear or experience.

4. Visit $$ stores & op shops

Hit the dollar stores for cheaper Christmas gifts, visit charity op shops like Vinnies and the Salvo for Christmas decorations or ornaments. Sometimes, you can score brand new items.

5. Make homemade gifts

Create heart-warming gifts like beautiful pot plants, baking mixes, homemade Christmas biscuits, slices, cakes or homemade chutney (mangos are in season over Christmas).

6. Plan a menu in advance and stock up

Don’t spend money buying groceries you don’t need. Don’t go overboard, plan your Christmas menu and buy non-perishable items in advance, preferably on sale.

7. Do a communal Christmas lunch or dinner

To save costs on hosting Christmas events, ask friends and family to each contribute a dish. This helps reduce the financial and cooking burden on one household.

8. Enjoy free Christmas events

There are Christmas craft markets, carols and events throughout the NT to enjoy at this time of. Check with your local council to see what events they’re hosting.

Most importantly find the savings and use your NT Seniors Card!