It’s never too late to be a Master of squash

6 Apr 2023

Use your Seniors Card to get a discount of almost 50% on Master Squash Night

Are you an ex-squash player? Would you like to take it up again but think you are too old? Well you’re never too old. Masters Squash has players ranging from 35 to 85 years. The Masters Squash Association is a long-standing club in the Northern Territory which caters traditionally for the ages of 35 years and older, with players well into their eighties still actively playing and socialising.

Every Thursday evening is the Master’s competition night starting at 6.30pm with the more dynamic competition called Fast & Furious for those who like the more competitive matches. At the same time, the Masters doubles starts, where you can pair up with a partner to play. If you have no partner to play with, you will find one there.

At 7.30pm the singles competition starts which is a more fun and relaxed competition for those who just want to move and have fun.

Plenty of socialising is happening during the matches, and especially after, where everybody sits together and has a drink or two from our licensed bar and food provided by different volunteers every week.

The Masters Association is for everybody who wants to stay active later in life or just wants to socialize with other people in a sporting atmosphere. 

Casual playing – $8/pers with a NT Seniors card and $15 without.

Masters Night every Thursday night is great value, with 3 different events – casual singles $ 15/Pers, Doubles $8/pers, Fast & Furious $10/pers